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[ Green Onyx Dolphin ]

Green Onyx Dolphin Crystal Figurines

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[ Green Onyx Dolphin ]

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[ Green Onyx Dolphin ]

Green Onyx Dolphin Crystal Figurines

Onyx dolphin sculptures are exquisite art pieces crafted from onyx stone, capturing the elegance and grace of dolphins. These sculptures serve as both artistic expressions and decorative accents, making them cherished additions to various spaces. Here’s a detailed overview of onyx dolphin sculptures, including their shapes, sizes, and uses:

Shapes and Sizes:

  • Leaping Dolphins: These sculptures depict dolphins leaping out of water, showcasing their dynamic movement and playful nature. The curvature and flow of their bodies add a sense of motion and vitality to the piece.

  • Curved Forms: Onyx dolphin sculptures may feature gracefully curved forms, emphasizing the streamlined beauty of dolphins as they glide through the water.

  • Pair or Pod: Some sculptures capture dolphins in pairs or pods, symbolizing their social and cooperative behavior. These pieces can be larger and more intricate, highlighting the unity of these marine creatures.

  • Abstract Interpretations: Artists might create abstract interpretations of dolphins using onyx, blending realism with artistic expression to evoke emotions and thoughts beyond the literal depiction.

  • Various Poses: Onyx dolphin sculptures can capture dolphins in different poses, such as diving, swimming, or interacting with each other. Each pose conveys a unique aspect of dolphin behavior and personality.


Onyx dolphin sculptures come in a range of sizes to suit various preferences and spaces:

  • Small to Medium: These sculptures can fit on tabletops, shelves, or mantels, serving as elegant accents in homes, offices, or reception areas.

  • Medium to Large: Larger sculptures can become focal points in larger spaces, such as living rooms, lobbies, or outdoor gardens, showcasing the intricate details of the stone and the craftsmanship.


  • Decorative Art: Onyx dolphin sculptures are prized for their aesthetic appeal and ability to enhance interior and exterior decor. They add a touch of nature’s beauty and elegance to any space.

  • Symbolism: Dolphins are often associated with attributes such as intelligence, playfulness, and community. Onyx dolphin sculptures can symbolize these qualities, serving as reminders of these virtues.

  • Conversations Starters: The uniqueness and symbolism of onyx dolphin sculptures can spark conversations and interactions, making them excellent icebreakers during gatherings or events.

  • Gifts: Onyx dolphin sculptures make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for individuals who admire marine life, value artistic craftsmanship, or resonate with the qualities dolphins represent.

  • Wellness and Feng Shui: Dolphins are also associated with positive energy and harmony. Placing onyx dolphin sculptures strategically in spaces aligned with wellness practices or Feng Shui principles can enhance the atmosphere.

  • Corporate and Hospitality Spaces: These sculptures can adorn corporate offices, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality settings, infusing a sense of sophistication and nature-inspired tranquility.

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Our Advantages

  • Product : Onyx bowls Crafts Serving bowls hand carved kitchen dinning decor gifts
  • Materials : Natural Onyx Stone.
  • Colors : Green Onyx , White Onyx , Multi Green Onyx , brown/ red Onyx , Pink Onyx , Orange Honey Onyx, Black Onyx, Patch Onyx
  • Suitable for Kitchen, Office , hotel and Outdoors
  • Finished: Polished,Honed,etc
  • Dimension: Dia 4 “, 6 “, 8 “, 10 ” , 12 ” and 16 ” OR Custom
  • Quality Control:  Confirmed Every Details Before Make the Rough Production All products checked by experienced QC before pack
  • MOQ : Small Trail Order is Acceptable
  • Packing: With Seaworthy Standard Packing; Inner:Plastic Film and Foam & Outer:Wooden Crates / Pallets
  • Delivery Date: 15-20days After Order Confirmed OR depends upon order quantity
  • Payment: L/C ,T/T,Western Union
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  • Best Office Interior Design in New York,, 2018
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