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[ Multi Brown Onyx Star Fish ]

Multi Brown Onyx Starfish Crystal Gift

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[ Multi Brown Onyx Star Fish ]

Multi Brown Onyx Star Fish Photo Gallery


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[ Multi Brown Onyx Star Fish ]

Multi Brown Onyx Star Fish

Onyx starfish sculptures are captivating art pieces crafted from onyx stone, capturing the intricate beauty of starfish in a three-dimensional form. These sculptures are not only visually appealing but also hold symbolic significance, making them versatile additions to both aesthetic and meaningful spaces. Here’s a comprehensive overview of onyx starfish sculptures, including their shapes, sizes, and uses:

Shapes and Sizes:

  • Realistic Replicas: Onyx starfish sculptures often replicate the intricate details of real starfish, showcasing their unique arms, textures, and central disc. The aim is to capture the essence of these marine creatures in a stunning work of art.

  • Abstract Interpretations: Some sculptures take an artistic approach, using the basic form of a starfish as inspiration to create abstract or stylized pieces that evoke emotions and thoughts beyond the literal depiction.


Onyx starfish sculptures come in various sizes to suit different spaces and preferences:

  • Small to Medium: These sculptures can be placed on shelves, desks, or windowsills, adding a touch of natural beauty to smaller spaces.

  • Medium to Large: Larger sculptures can become striking focal points in larger rooms, entryways, or outdoor areas, showcasing the intricate details of the onyx stone.


  • Decorative Accents: Onyx starfish sculptures are primarily used as decorative accents that infuse spaces with the elegance of nature. They can be placed on surfaces to enhance the visual appeal of homes, offices, or hospitality environments.

  • Symbolic Meaning: Starfish are often associated with regeneration, renewal, and guidance. Onyx starfish sculptures can carry these symbolic meanings, making them ideal for spaces where such concepts are valued or sought after.

  • Themed Decor: Starfish-themed decor can bring a coastal or beach-inspired theme to interior spaces, offering a sense of relaxation and connection to the sea.

  • Gifts: Onyx starfish sculptures make thoughtful and unique gifts for individuals who appreciate marine life, coastal aesthetics, or the symbolism attached to starfish.

  • Zen and Meditation Spaces: The presence of onyx starfish sculptures in zen gardens, meditation rooms, or relaxation spaces can evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

  • Educational Settings: These sculptures can be displayed in educational institutions, aquariums, or marine science centers to engage and educate visitors about marine life.

  • Remembrance and Healing: In some cases, onyx starfish sculptures may hold personal meaning, serving as memorials or symbols of healing for individuals who have a connection to the sea or starfish symbolism.

  • Corporate Interiors: Onyx starfish sculptures can be used to enhance the aesthetics of corporate offices, conference rooms, or lobbies, adding an element of elegance and nature-inspired decor.

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Our Advantages

  • Product : Onyx bowls Crafts Serving bowls hand carved kitchen dinning decor gifts
  • Materials : Natural Onyx Stone.
  • Colors : Green Onyx , White Onyx , Multi Green Onyx , brown/ red Onyx , Pink Onyx , Orange Honey Onyx, Black Onyx, Patch Onyx
  • Suitable for Kitchen, Office , hotel and Outdoors
  • Finished: Polished,Honed,etc
  • Dimension: Dia 4 “, 6 “, 8 “, 10 ” , 12 ” and 16 ” OR Custom
  • Quality Control:  Confirmed Every Details Before Make the Rough Production All products checked by experienced QC before pack
  • MOQ : Small Trail Order is Acceptable
  • Packing: With Seaworthy Standard Packing; Inner:Plastic Film and Foam & Outer:Wooden Crates / Pallets
  • Delivery Date: 15-20days After Order Confirmed OR depends upon order quantity
  • Payment: L/C ,T/T,Western Union
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  • Best Office Interior Design in New York,, 2018
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