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[ All Onyx Bowls Crafts Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Bowls Crafts Colors & Shapes

Green Onyx Bowls, White Onyx Bowls, Pink Onyx Bowls, Brown Onyx Bowls, Yellow Onyx Bowls, Black Onyx Bowls, Blue Onyx Bowls, Multi-Color Onyx Bowls,Round Onyx Bowls, Square Onyx Bowls, Oval Onyx Bowls, Rectangular Onyx Bowls, Irregular or Free-Form Onyx Bowls, Nested Onyx Bowl Sets, Pedestal Onyx Bowls, Carved Onyx Bowls, Polished Onyx Bowls, Rough-Cut Onyx Bowls, Onyx Bowl with Metal Accents, Onyx Bowl with Handles, Onyx Bowl with Inlay

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[ All Onyx Bowls Crafts Colors & Shapes ]

All Onyx Bowls Crafts Colors & Shapes

Onyx bowls come in a variety of colors and shapes, each showcasing the unique and stunning characteristics of this beautiful gemstone. Here are some common onyx bowl crafts colors and shapes:


  1. Green Onyx Bowls: Featuring shades of green, ranging from light to dark hues.
  2. White Onyx Bowls: Elegant and classic, often with intricate natural patterns.
  3. Pink Onyx Bowls: Exhibiting soft and warm pink tones.
  4. Brown Onyx Bowls: Earthy and rich in brown shades.
  5. Yellow Onyx Bowls: Radiant and vibrant with yellow coloring.
  6. Black Onyx Bowls: Deep and dramatic, showcasing black hues.
  7. Blue Onyx Bowls: Rare and captivating, with blue colorations.
  8. Multi-Color Onyx Bowls: Combining various onyx colors in one bowl for a striking effect.


  1. Round Onyx Bowls: Classic and versatile for various uses.
  2. Square Onyx Bowls: Modern and geometric, providing a contemporary look.
  3. Oval Onyx Bowls: Elegant and elongated, suitable for decorative purposes.
  4. Rectangular Onyx Bowls: Sleek and stylish, often used for serving or display.
  5. Irregular or Free-Form Onyx Bowls: Unique shapes that showcase the natural beauty of onyx.
  6. Nested Onyx Bowl Sets: Multiple bowls of different sizes that can be stacked for storage.
  7. Pedestal Onyx Bowls: Bowls elevated on a pedestal or base for added prominence.
  8. Carved Onyx Bowls: Featuring intricate patterns or carvings on the surface.

Additional Details:

  1. Polished Onyx Bowls: Smooth and shiny, highlighting the natural patterns.
  2. Rough-Cut Onyx Bowls: Featuring a more natural and rugged appearance.
  3. Onyx Bowl with Metal Accents: Combined with metal elements for added elegance.
  4. Onyx Bowl with Handles: Bowls designed with handles for easy carrying or serving.
  5. Onyx Bowl with Inlay: Incorporating other materials or contrasting onyx colors in the design.

It’s important to note that onyx is a natural stone, and the patterns and colors may vary from piece to piece. The veining and banding in onyx create exquisite and one-of-a-kind designs in each bowl, making them truly unique decorative pieces for your home.

When searching for onyx bowls crafts in various colors and shapes, consider checking out specialty stores, artisanal shops, and online retailers that offer a wide selection of onyx products. Keep in mind that onyx bowls can be both functional and decorative, and they make fantastic additions to any kitchen or living space.

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